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Aston Hall

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Aston Hall is a magnificent seventeenth century red-brick mansion situated in a public park on the north side of Birmingham. The Hall was built for Sir Thomas Holte and was one of the last great Jacobean houses to be built. The layout of rooms is largely unchanged, and they are linked by the original imposing grand stairs and splendid Long Gallery. The house still retains many early seventeenth century decorative features in stone, plaster and wood.

Later members of the Holte family made some changes to the house towards the end of the seventeenth century and into the eighteenth century. Aston Hall was last lived in as a home by James Watt Junior, leaving evidence of early Victorian fashions.

Teaching Sessions
A range of teaching sessions take place at Aston Hall, covering a range of curriculum areas from Foundation to Key Stage 4.

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Feel free to browse our extensive range teaching and learning resources, especially suited to pre-visit or follow-up work.

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Title: Aston Hall