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Free craft ideas for kids are usually not hard to come by. Finding free craft ideas for kids that fit a wide range isn’t as easy. This particular craft idea can be done by children as young as 3, with a little assistance. For the most part, this project can be mostly done by any age.

Name Picture Supplies

Most of these supplies you will already have in your home. If you do lots of crafts with your kid, you should have the supplies. If not, these supplies can be used for lots of different types of crafts.

What you’ll need:

Contruction Paper (several colors)
Letter Stencils
Other Stencils in shapes
Glitter (optional)

Name Picture Instructions

  1. Take the letter of the child’s name and set aside. Let them choose 3 different colors of contruction paper to be used in this craft. Also choose which other stencils and shapes they’ll be using
  2. Use one sheet of contruction paper and the letter stencil to paint their letter. Use the other stencils in varous decorations and let them paint on the same paper, or another color.
  3. Let dry, then cut out the letter (in a box) Leave the shapes aside for the time being.
  4. Take the second sheet of contruction paper, and glue the letter on to it.
  5. Once the glue is dry, cut out the letter again. (Will look like a border).
  6. Finally take the shapes and cut out painted letter and have the child arrange them all on a third sheet of contruction paper. Glue them all together.
  7. Use glitter or other decorations on the paper to decorate it even more. Let the children use their imagination and see what they come up with!

Other Options
Another version of this craft:

Ahead of time, make sure you have printed or colored shapes and decorations that can be cut out and glued on to the contruction paper. You might also want to have these cut out ahead of time if you don’t want the child to have scissors. If you have premade shapes ahead of time, there’s no need to wait for the paint to dry. Just make sure you are careful with the letter.

Yet another version:

Instead of just an initial of their name, if they have a short name or you have small letter stencils, you could let them paint their whole name and do the same as with the one letter.