Learning comfortably at home

Field Trip Ideas

Girls Studying

When home schooling, it’s important to break the routine by visiting some historical landmarks. Here are our best recommendations.

Aston Hall

One of the most impressive historical buildings in the UK.

  • There are many portraits by artists such as Lely.
  • The ceiling plaster work is magnificient
  • The Hall is well worth a visit

Weoley Castle

This is a fantastic ruin, well maintained and on a beautiful mostly flat area that would be pleasant for everyone, there is no doubt. 

  • Rarely open to the public
  • Beautiful ruins
  • In a great area

Chysauster Ancient Village

In order to get a sense of what the houses might have looked like and how the settlement was laid out, tourists can walk around the village settlement. The remains of an elusive hidden ‘fogou’ tunnel is also present. 

  • Spectacular bluebell carpet in spring
  • Unchanged views of the landscape over time
  • Amazing vistas of the countryside

Uffington White Horse

A prehistoric hill figure, made from deep trenches filledwith crushed white chalk, is the Uffington White Horse.In the English civil parish of Uffington, the figure is located on the upper slopes of White Horse Hill. 

  • Overlooks the Vale of White Horse
  • The best views of the figure are obtained from the air

St Michael’s Mount

The island is a civil parish and is connected to the town of Marazion by a cascade of granite places, passable between mid-tide and low water, created by man. 

  • One of 43 unbridged tidal islands that one can walk to from mainland Britain
  • Part of the island was named in 1995 for its geology as a Place of Special Scientific Interest.