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Indoor Toddler Activities

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We all want to spend time with our children, but when we finally take time out of our busy life sometimes we are at a loss as to what we should do. This page is dedicated to all the indoor toddler activities you can do with your child.


Crafts can make perfect indoor toddler activities. Be sure to see the list of crafts here at Idea Queen. We’ve made sure to include lots of crafts for any age, including toddlers!

Board Games

While some may not be able to grasp the concept, there’s lots of board games out there that any small child can play, which make perfect indoor toddler activities. Remember CandyLand? This one is simple and will keep a child busy for at least a little while. Monopoly is a great game for preschoolers or those just starting to learn about money or learning to read.

Other games have a focus on age ranges of 4 and below, which you kind find at just about any store.

Dinner for 2 / Tea Party

This game is so simple, and as long as the child is old enough to communicate you can keep them busy for hours. It does require some supplies, mostly toy food. Simply make a pretend dinner for the two of you, or for a group of close friends (teddy bears and baby dolls).

While these types of indoor toddler activities may seem more for girls, boys can join in the fun too. Have them do the cooking for just you and him, or let him pretend to be the waiter. It doesn’t have to be a “tea party”, and even if it was there’s nothing wrong with boys joining in too!

Kids in the Kitchen

Your little ones are better cooks than you may have originally thought! It’s easy to make almost any meal with your kids. Simply do the measuring for them, and let them mix in ingredients. Children are also great at making pizza, just make sure they don’t eat all the topings!

If you are wanting to find more “kid friendly” foods, try searching for cookbooks made especially for kids. Although be warned, it still takes an older child to read the cookbooks. With little ones you’ll still have to help them in the kitchen. Even still, cooking different foods can make for great indoor toddler activities.

Read Books

A simple activity for kids, yet often forgotten about. It’s never too early to read to your child, just as long as you do it on their time. Never turn down to the chance to read to them if they are interested. Do make sure the book is short enough to hold their interest. Too long and they may be looking for something else to do before the story is finished.

If you want to make it extra special, take a trip to your local library and let them pick out their own book!

Hide & Seek

Probably one of the oldest and simplest indoor toddler activities. My children absolutely love this game, and it’s fun to see what hiding places they come up with. Don’t be afraid to make this a family activity to do together. You may be too big to fit into some of those small spaces, although you don’t want to make it too hard to be found anyway. 😉