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Magnet Crafts

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Magnet crafts are a very easy idea, and takes very little effort. The real fun comes from the play time with magnet crafts. To start, you’ll need just a few basic supplies. Most supplies for magnet crafts you will probably have already, and possibly even the magnets too!

Supplies for Magnet Crafts

Printable Magnet Sheets OR Magnet Pieces*
Crayons, Markers, or Colored Pencils
Glue (optional – not needed with magnet sheets)
Magnet Board

*Printable Magnet Sheets have very “weak” magnets, and don’t stick as well as hard magnets you would need to glue on. However, using the sheets cuts out the step of needing to glue on the magnet. For this use, magnet sheets should work fine, although they can be a bit more costly than regular magnets in craft stores.

Creating Magnet Crafts

Step 1. – Finding Pictures
First you will need to find some coloring book pictures online, preferably small ones so you can fit several on one page. You can use your basic Paint program on your computer. See fonts such as “Holidays” or other fonts that have pictures instead of letters.

You can also use paper doll patterns or pictures from coloring books. The following links are to printable paper dolls you can use for your magnet crafts:

Step 2. – Printing
After you have decided what you’ll be printing, you’ll need to do one of two things. If you are using printable magnet sheets for your magnet crafts, you can print out the pictures directly on the sheet. If you are using magnet pieces instead, print out the pictures on regular paper or card stock.

Step 3. – Color & Cut
Depending on what you printed for your magnet crafts, you may need to color. Many of the paper doll patterns may not need to be colored, but other items may need to be. Have the children color the pictures and cut them out.

Step 4. – Glue
If you used plain paper, you will now need to glue on magnet pieces and allow them to dry. If you used magnet sheets for your magent crafts, they are ready to go! If you don’t want to waist space on your magnet sheets, you can print your designs on regular paper and glue them to the sheets before cutting. This might be a better option for some of the paper dolls, since mistakes can happen and magnet sheets aren’t cheap!

Step 5. – Play
Create story lines, and make your magnet characters come alive. Find different shapes and items to add to your board, keeping them all separated in different bags.

Our magnet board for our magnet crafts was a magnetic dry erase board. This is one of the best things to use, since it gives you the ability to not only use the magnet crafts, but draw backgrounds as well.

Have fun!