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Make Your Own Stickers

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Make Your Own Stickers – Supplies

Before we jump right into the recipe, first you’ll need some items to make stickers from. You’ll want them to be small, or else you may have a hard time getting them to stick. All the stickers can be on one page and cut later though – just as long as the finished product is no larger than 1/4 the size of standard paper. Some ideas for stickers include:

Colored Pictures
Wrapping paper
Old Cards
Printed Pictures

We used different pictures made from PaintShop Pro, using special paint brushes. I set the graphic size at 8×10, then filled up the page with different colored pictures of butterflies, hearts, and other cute paint brushes I’ve found. We printed out the picture and used the recipe below.

Use your imagination to come up with different pictures and papers you can use to make your own stickers!

Make Your Own Stickers Recipe

What I love most about this make your own stickers recipe is how few ingredients it has. All the ingredients can be found locally with little problems. The peppermint oil we already had on hand, but you can pick it up at any health food store.

8 tbsp. vinegar
4 pkgs. unflavored gelatin
1 tbsp. peppermint extract

Bring vinegar to a boil and add gelatin. Reduce heat to low and stir until gelatin is dissolved. Add peppermint extract. Brush on back of paper desired for stickers.

We actually used boiled our vinegar in the microwave, and then added the gelatin. It worked just fine and the stickers turned out wonderful. Our recipe was also cut in half, and we were still left with quite a bit of “glue”. It’s stored in a mason jar. To use again, just boil the jar in water to turn it into liquid again.

Let the glue dry before cutting out pictures and using. This recipe will make the “old fashion” stickers which you will need to lick and stick. They will not stick unless you get them wet first.

Have fun!