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Making Plaster of Paris Molds

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Please read the safety warning before you start.

Make the play dough recipe, you can leave out the colour and essential oil if you want. You now have a dough you can use to cast plaster of paris models plaques, fridge magnets etc.

Put some dough into a container about twice the depth and about 2 cms larger than the item you want to make a cast of. It is best to use a separate container for each item otherwise they can get pushed out of shape.

Lightly brush the item with oil, to stop it sticking to the dough.
Press into the dough, remove, fill hole with plaster of paris, leave to set. When set remove from dough. There may still be a small amount of dough stuck to item, if so gently rinse in cold water. Leave to dry, paint and decorate to taste.

We have just had a practice using some sea shells which turned out very with lots of detail. Dough can be reused many times.