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Nature Crafts for Kids

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These are very simple ideas for nature crafts for kids. These nature crafts for kids can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Easy enough for a 2yr old, but able to keep the attention of a 12yr old.

Supplies for Nature Crafts

The great part about nature crafts is most of your supplies will come from your own backyard or local park. No need to buy anything, as the rest of the supplies for these nature crafts for kids you will most likely already have.

What you’ll need:

Construction Paper (Brown or Blue suggested)
Green Paint
Clear Tape (Packing tape suggested)
Flowers, leaves, and other flat decorations

You can start your nature crafts project by taking a walk in the park, out in the garden, or in the woods. Collect any plants of interest such as violets, lily of the valley, dandelions, or anything else that can be layed out flat. This is what you’ll be using as the main decoration of the paper.

Instructions for Nature Crafts

When you arrive home, set the flowers and decorations aside. You’ll be using these for your nature crafts after the construction paper “base” is finished.

Take the contruction paper and use the green paint to make “grass”. We used brown paper for our nature crafts, because with the green paint it makes it look like dirt under the grass.

Take each flower and decoration you brought home for your nature crafts, and lay them out on the paper. No need to allow for the paint to dry, the flowers will stick better if it’s still wet. Making live plants stick to paper isn’t easy, so you’ll need all the help you can get for these nature crafts!

Once all the flowers are arranged on the paper, take your clear tape and cover the entire paper. This will hold all the decorations in place, plus give it a laminated look. You could also use glue with these nature crafts, but the flowers won’t stick as well and won’t be protected. With glue you’ll also get the dried glue look around your flowers, so best to use clear packing tape.

Variations of Nature Crafts for Kids

Our picture was more of a overview of a garden. Instead of using brown construction paper, you could use blue with just green paint at the bottom. This version of our nature crafts is more of a “front” view of a garden.

You can also use other decorations such as yarn and beads for other things you see outside. This could include birds, the sun, trees, houses, animals, and much more. Most importantly, use your imagination when making nature crafts for kids!

Have fun!