The Facts

Everything you wanted to know about the
law, the role of the local authority and more.

Does home education work?

Many EHE children go on to university and have qualified as doctors, vets and solicitors for example.

EHE children are educated at all hours of the day and may frequently be seen out and about in school hours.

A child being out in the daytime should never be a cause for concern as there are many and varied educational opportunities when out and about.

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How do EHE children socialise?

Home educated children socialise with people of all ages including the children who live in the street; shop owners, other home educated children; many families
meet up and share activities for their children as well as accessing local groups of home educators who meet up across Wales. There are also an extensive number
of email and face book groups used by families to share resources, make friends and arrange activities.

Female Student
Girls Studying
Two Boys

Do parents need to ask permission to home educate?

No, not unless the child is a registered pupil
at a special school, in which case the
consent of the local authority is required
before the child’s name can be taken off the
school roll. In this case the local authority is
not allowed to withhold consent
unreasonably. If a child is a pupil in a
special unit in a state school then they can
be de-registered in the same way as any
other child.

Parents whose children are registered
pupils at a school are required to inform
schools in, then the school must remove
the child from the register by law.
Children who have never been to a school
are not on a school register and the la do
not need to be informed. Families who
move do not need to inform the la of the