Learning comfortably at home

Whizzer Bags

Girls Studying


Old tea-towel or scrap of fabric
40-50 cm lengths of ribbon
1m string
1 teaspoon of sand

Please read the safety warning before you start.
Cut a circle the size of a saucer out of the fabric and put it wrong side up on the table.
Lay the lengths of ribbon across the centre of the circle and weigh them down with sand.
Gather the circle up into a little bag and tie tightly with one end of the string.
You should now have a little bag with streamers coming out of it, on the end of a long piece of string. Now find a wide open space – these bags can travel!! Holding the end of the string, swing the bag round in circles – like a falconers lure – and when it has picked up speed, let go…..can you catch it again before it lands?