Learning comfortably at home

School's Liaison

Over the last few years Home Education in the UK has become a very popular choice.  However there are still many people who do not realize that educating your child at home and not attending school is legal.

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Did You Know?

  • You don’t need to be a teacher to educate your child at home
  • you don’t need any special equipment
  • you don’t have to follow the National Curriculum
What You Need to Know

The Basics


All you need to know about how to begin your home education. 


The hard facts that most people don’t know, make sure you read this. 


Some of our younger students share their experience 

Planning a trip?

Field Trip Ideas

When learning from home, breathing some fresh air thanks to a clean home is good, but it’s important to have a field trip from time to time. Here are our suggestions.